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Changing Women's Quality of Life

Greg Reeder

Greg Reeder

Hi everyone,

I thought I would try something very different for me.

I want to try using the power of social media, to help women that suffer with social segregation and health problems.

Some fundraisers gain a lot of attention because they are exciting to be a part of, have a lot of media attention, or everyone can identify with the ones in need.

What about the ones that aren’t?

Prolonged labour in childbirth, without help, can cause women permanent damage.

A simple surgery here in the West - but without access to help, women can suffer severe health risks with her internal systems open to each other. To make things even worse, without control over their bodily functions many woman become social outcasts.

MAF has been flying these women from remote villages to have these life-changing surgeries. They have also been flying nurses and caregivers out to these remote areas to train local health workers and midwives in care and prevention.

My hope is that if many of us giving a little, we can fund as many of these flights as possible, and change these woman’s lives.

For this fundraiser, my big question was how much does it cost to fly a woman in for surgery? The approximate cost of operating the 8 passenger plane is $5 US dollars per nautical mile.

So my first goal is to raise $1,000 dollars. That would cover the $950 operating cost of one plane load of 8 from Kalukembe (the closest village) to the hospital and back.

Together we can help restore hope for these women, and dramatically change their entire quality of life.

Lets see what we can do together!!!

If you feel to help - please like and share. If you feel to help financially (even a little) that is great!

Thank you
- Greg

*All donations are tax-deductible


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1. GRGreg Reeder
Together we can accomplish so much!
2. NRNoella Reeder
Thank you for bringing awareness to this important issue some women are facing. If I hadn't given birth to 2 children here in Canada, but in the situation they are in, I would have had the same problem as these women! We certainly can take our access to good medical help here for granted!