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Esther Reimer

Esther Reimer

Thank you for your interest in Mission Aviation Fellowship. I’m hosting a marathon fundraiser for MAF throughout the month of March involving my work as a truck driver. If you are interested in supporting this mission I challenge you to donate any chosen amount for each mile I drive this month. For example, if someone chose $0.01/mi. and I drove a total of 7,000 the supporter would donate $70.
If you would like to join us this March or for more information please let me know either via email at esthersreimer@gmail.com or send me a text at 204-332-2528. I look forward to working with you as together we can change lives one mile at a time.

God bless.



Well we've reached the end of our fundraiser marathon! By the end of the day I'll have driven approximately 8,120 miles this month. Thank you all for supporting MAF; All the funds raised will go to fuel another life-changing flight. God bless!


Good morning! Work has been fairly slow this last week, so our total monthly miles is only about 4560! I'm leaving with a load tomorrow, so that'll bring us some more miles. Have a great week!


Well last week was slower than I expected. I finished with about 900 miles. This week is looking better as I'll be raising the total miles to 2,690 once I get back on Thursday. I'll check back again next Monday!


March 1st has arrived! I'm excited to start this journey as together we can change lives. I anticipate driving approximately 1,400 miles this week. Remember to check back weekly for a mile update! God bless


raised of $500 goal

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